Blue Lamborghini! Nice and Exotic!

So here is another Lambo I get to drive due to one of my business partnership in Miami Beach. It’s a nice lambo, I think it’s from 2012 this one as Richard bought it new about 18 months ago. Richard loves to drive exotic cars around Miami Beach. He has a collection of about 6 cars worth over $400,000 and have a massive garage for them all.

blue lambo

Vrooom! My Lamboghini’s I Have In Miami :)

I jut damn love this thing! Here are a few pictures on my Lambo’s that I get to drive around Miami Beach. So many people tell me it’s a joke and my parents pay for it but little do they know how hard I work to make this all happen! The first picture is mine with the yellow one. And these other exotic Lamborghini’s that are in Miami Beach that you see here I have because of business partnerships where I just trade a bit of money in the deals I do for being able to drive a business partners Lambo for a week each month so I get to drive a different lambo every 5 ays ot so this way :)


That me in the yellow lambo and it’s my lambo. The other exotic cars are some of the lambos I drive around Miami and Miami Beach from my business dealings.

Here is a picture of Mikes lambo that he ended up taking to show off at the Geneva motor show in Switzerland. When he’s in town I get to drive this one also. Mike a huge fan of high end cars in Miami Beach also!

red lambo